14 Things Couples In A Healthy Relationship Say To Each Other

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1. “I love you.”

This is basic. Almost all couples out there say this to each other. But those in a healthy relationship never hesitate to say it—no one has to say it first, too. They can say it at random times of the day, and really mean it.

2. “Thank you.”

This isn’t merely a matter of politeness. In relationships, some people fall into the trap of being too familiar that they take each other for granted. Other times, they expect the other person to behave a certain way and treat them a certain way. But couples in a healthy relationship appreciate everything their partner does, and express their gratitude. Clearly, they don’t take each other for granted.

3. “Good morning” and “good night.”

Couples in a healthy relationship greet each other in the morning and before they go to bed as a sign that they think of each other and wish each other well. It seems insignificant, but it goes a long way. It never fails to make the other person smile.

4. “I’m sorry.”

Again, a lot of people apologize to each other. Sometimes they say sorry to clear the air between them, other times they say sorry hoping the other person would say it too. But couples in a healthy relationship sincerely apologize to each other AND ask how they can make things better. Apologies for them aren’t just for healing wounds, but ways to move forward without doing that hurtful thing or mistake again.

5. “I’m proud of you.” and “I’m happy for you.”

Recognizing the partner’s accomplishments isn’t easy for everyone, especially when the other person isn’t as successful or isn’t doing as well as the partner. Regardless, couples in a healthy relationship can set aside their personal insecurities and be proud of the other person. They understand that their partner still has a life of his own, has a bright future ahead, and is reaping the fruits of his hard work. More importantly, saying this shows that the two of you are independent individuals who choose to love and support each other. That’s a strong bond.

6. “We’re a great team.”

This might sound platonic or bro-y, but couples in a healthy relationship know exactly what it means to be a team. Apart from being two independent people who love each other, they have the same goal and vision in life. They keep one another strong, and they support each other. No one is considered the weaker party.

7. “I’m lucky to have you.”

Couples in a healthy relationship feel like the luckiest people alive because of the person they’re with. There’s a very deep appreciation of and love for their partner. They feel that their partner is so amazing, it’s unbelievable how someone like him would love someone like them. It’s like a beautiful dream, but it’s better than that, because it’s REAL.

8. “Take care.”

Couples in a healthy relationship express their concern for each other. It’s because they can’t imagine living without their partner, and because they have so much planned for the future.

9. “Have fun.”

For sure every day or night isn’t spent with each other. Some nights the partner will be out with his friends doing who-knows-what. But wishing that he have fun—sincerely, not sarcastically—shows that you’re not a self-centered person who restricts him from living his life and enjoying it with other people besides you.

10. “How was your day?”

Couples in a healthy relationship are interested in and are concerned with their partner’s life. They always catch up with each other and share the highs and lows together. They’re also good listeners, and know when to cheer their partners on and console them.

11. “What’s wrong?”

It’s amazing how someone in a relationship can detect that something’s wrong with his or her partner with just one look. They’re that connected with each other. Even if the partner denies that something is wrong, she’ll insist that he tell her what’s up because she cares.

12. “I can’t wait to see you.”

Couples in a healthy relationship are always excited to see each other and be together. Not only is it ’cos they get to do fun things together, but also ’cos everything (except fighting) is just 100x better when shared with the partner. Nothing else compares.

13. “I like it when you…”

This can be sex-related or not. Couples in healthy relationships are open to each other and want to make their relationship even stronger. They affirm what they like so that their partner won’t be left in the dark wondering all the while if one of them is doing all right.

14. “I don’t like it when you…”

Just as they want to reaffirm what the partner is doing right, couples in a healthy relationship aren’t afraid to confront one another about the other’s bad habits. It’s important to be kept in check once in a while, so you don’t end up pissing each other off or hurting one another.


Source: Cosmo.ph

Sharing Is Caring!
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